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Press release/statement

Demos Praises Senate's Decision to End Washington Gridlock

(NEW YORK) – Today, the Senate voted to put an end to one aspect of Washington’s gridlock by changing the rules governing the use of the filibuster for executive-branch appointees and most judicial nominations. Senate Republicans most recently filibustered three qualified judicial nominations to the bench of the D.C. Circuit Court. Demos President Miles Rapoport issued the following statement:

"Our system of government calls on the President to nominate and the Senate to confirm federal judges to lifetime service on the bench. This particular court is critically important, and has jurisdiction over a number of government agencies and decides the fate of many government regulations. Yet in an attempt to keep the court in conservative hands, Senate Republicans have attempted to nullify the president’s constitutional authority and have abused Senate procedure for purely political reasons.

This unprecedented use of the filibuster has provoked the need for a change. Since 1949 there have been 168 nominations filibustered, and 82 of them have been under this president. Demos applauds this step toward returning the Senate to its business of serving the American people. The time for serious governing without unrelenting obstruction is now."

Elektra Gray
Director of Communications
[email protected]