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Press release/statement

Demos Experts on Election Law and Voting Rights Available to Comment on Voter ID

New York, NY — This week the Supreme Court agreed to hear Crawford v. Marion County Election Board and Indiana Democratic Party v. Rokita, a controversial lawsuit about the constitutionality of voter ID laws enacted since the disputed 2000 election. Though the debate has been defined by partisanship, Demos experts Brenda Wright and Lori Minnite can provide clear analysis of election law, the incidence of voter fraud, and the effectiveness of voter ID.

Brenda Wright, Legal Director of the Democracy Program, is an expert on voting rights and election reform issues. She has extensive trial and appellate experience in voting rights cases, including arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court. She has testified before Congress, federal agencies and state legislatures about voting rights and can speak directly to the usefulness of voter ID and precedent-setting election law.

Demos Senior Fellow Lori Minnite is currently at work on a book about election-related fraud. She is the author of several Demos publications examining the incidence of fraud and its impact on elections and the nature of voter fraud in America. She has conducted extensive research on political participation and voting behavior. Minnite is also a professor of urban and American politics at Barnard College in New York City.

To book Wright or Minnite for an interview about the Supreme Court's decision to hear the voter ID case, contact Timothy Rusch at (212) 633-1405 or [email protected].