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Demos Calls Trump’s Budget a ‘Severe Blow to Working and Middle Class Families’

Thursday, March 16 (NEW YORK, NY) – Tamara Draut, Vice President of Research and Policy at Demos, a New York-based public policy organization and think tank, issued this statement following the unveiling of President Trump’s budget outline to Congress:

“Today the President’s budget has signaled to Congress, the nation and the world what he intends to prioritize during his administration: the profits of the wealthiest one percent while gutting programs and protections for working families. This budget would undoubtedly be a severe blow to working and middle class families across our country.

“His proposal would decimate the operating budgets of programs that are crucial to our nation’s health, economy, workforce and education system, and in turn threaten the quality of life for working class people."

“Trump’s actions again contradict his claims of being a champion of the working class—not only by his budget, but by nearly every executive order he has signed and every policy proposal he has offered since coming into office. We must continue to resist Trump’s phony-populism that enriches the already affluent and tosses aside the needs of hard-working people.”