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Demos Announces Taxes Matter Week

New York – At a time when anti-government ideology is driving policy making in Washington, a refresher course on the concrete benefits and products of a robust public sector is needed. The programs, infrastructure, and services that have make America great are possible due to an often dreaded source: our taxes.

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This week, ahead of Federal Tax Day, the non-partisan policy center Demos will illuminate the importance of taxes in providing for our country’s past and continued success with “Taxes Matter” Week (April 11th–18th).

"Put simply, without the public systems and structures that taxes pay for, America as we know and love it would cease to exist," wrote Tamara Draut, Demos Vice President of Policy & Programs, in the article published today. "We'll use this week to take a fresh look at some of the reigning beliefs, policy ideas and assumptions about taxes."

This six-day series will include insight from national Demos economic policy experts including David Callahan, Tamara Draut and Robert Hiltonsmith. Innovative infographics, illustrations, and articles will be offered for republication (with attribution) at no charge. Content will be published at

WHEN: Monday April 11th – Monday, April 18th

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