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Press release/statement

Demos Announces "America Can Work Better" Week

NEW YORK- As Labor Day approaches - and with President Obama's much anticipated jobs plan to be announced shortly - the national policy center Demos is illuminating America's severe jobs crisis with "America Can Work Better" week, which begins with a post from Demos Distinguished Senior Fellow Bob Herbert.  Through a package of info-graphics and commentary, "America Can Work Better" will clarify the root causes of America's jobs crisis; analyze chronic unemployment among American youth; dispel myths about "job-killing regulation and taxation;" and offer some real-world solutions for getting people back to work in good jobs.

Demos' labor week will culminate in the Thursday, September 8 release of a Demos special report entitled, "Under Attack: America's Middle Class and the Jobs Crisis," which chronicles how the American Dream is slipping away from too many.

All of the work will be hosted at Syndication/republication of blogs and graphics is welcomed and encouraged, with attribution. High-resolution versions of the info-graphics will be available at as well.

Highlighted Schedule of Topics & Authors

8/30 - There's Jobs to be Done-Let's Put People to Work

A call for direct infrastructure jobs through public investment.

Author: Bob Herbert, Demos Distinguished Senior Fellow.


8/31 - The Lost Generation

Illuminates the lack of opportunity and future downward mobility of young black and latino men, who lost the most ground in the Great Recession.

Author: Tamara Draut, VP for Policy and Programs at Demos, author of Strapped: Why America's 20-and-30-Somethings can't get ahead


9/1 - Long-Term Unemployed and UI benefits 

Addressing the chronic unemployment crisis in the US, including a focus on minority unemployment rates.

Author: Rakim Brooks, Demos C. Edwin Baker Fellow in Democratic Values


9/6 - What The President Can Do, Without Congress, To Create Good Jobs

Executive action, including making sure the federal economic footprint is being used to create good jobs, using UPS instead of Fed Ex, Union vs. Non-Union, high road procurement, etc.

Author: TBD


9/7 - Agenda for the Job Creators-Small Business 

A summary of legislative proposals designed to strengthen and support small businesses in the midst of the great recession.

Author: Heather C. McGhee, Director of Demos' Washington office


9/7 - A Push For Infrastructure

Modeled in part on proposals and analysis from Demos' Fiscal Blueprint, an argument for investment in public infrastructure programs to strengthen America while putting Americans to work.

Author: David Callahan, Demos Senior Fellow


9/8 - Under Attack: The Middle Class and the Job Crisis

(Research Brief & blog)

An overview of the economic challenges facing the middle class, analyzing thirty year trends in earnings, employment, benefits and housing and child care costs. 

Blog Author: David Callahan, Demos Senior Fellow

Report Author: Demos