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The Congressional Progressive Caucus' Budget For All: Quotes Of Support

In the past 72 hours since its introduction, The Budget For All – an innovative, values driven fiscal plan to keep America exceptional in the 21st Century – has inspired support from noted economists, renowned think tanks and cutting-edge advocacy organizations.

Finally, by including public financing of campaigns in their budget plan, the CPC asserts a bold truth: we can’t have an economy for all while we still have a democracy for the 1 percent. -- Heather McGhee, Director of Demos, Washington Office

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Quotes of Support

“The Congressional Progressive Caucus has done a great service by producing a budget that focuses on boosting the economy and creating jobs. It achieves its deficit targets by taxing Wall Street speculation and those who have the money, and not cutting health care, education and other essential services that families depend upon. This budget should be the starting point for a serious discussion of the nation's priorities.”   Dean Baker, Co-Director - Center For Economic and Policy Research

 “The Congressional Progressive Caucus’s Budget for All shows that we can dramatically reduce the deficit while investing in the middle-class, preserving the fundamental guarantees of Social Security and Medicare, and protecting the most vulnerable.  It includes many important proposals, including public investments that would create jobs now while laying the groundwork for stronger and more broad-based economic growth in the future.  The budget also courageously takes on specific tax breaks and tax loopholes that are skewed toward powerful industries and the wealthy.  By balancing important national priorities with the need for long-term deficit reduction, the CPC’s budget is more serious, more humane, and more fiscally responsible than Chairman Ryan’s.”  Seth Hanlon, Director of Fiscal Reform - Center for American Progress

“We unequivocally conclude that the Congressional Progressive Caucus budget achieves fiscal sustainability, but more importantly, it does so while spurring economic recovery, strengthening Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act, and investing in human and public capital. The Budget for All, in short, sets a path that strengthens job growth, improves competitiveness, enhances economic security, lessens inequality and provides avenues for upward social mobility. This budget proves that there is a credible and sensible alternative to Rep.  Ryan’s attempt to dismantle government and rebate the tax bill to the already well-off.”  Lawrence Mishel, President - Economic Policy Institute

This budget proposal shows that members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus are truly champions for working families. The contrast between this budget and the one introduced yesterday by Chairman Ryan could not be more stark.  Chairman Ryan would radically cut essential programs and shred the safety net for our seniors, children and low-income families – all to pay for tax giveaways to the wealthy. The Congressional Progressive Caucus budget reflects a balanced approach that would create jobs and protect vital services that millions of Americans rely upon."  Mary Kay Henry, President - Service Employees International Union (SEIU)

Compared to every other House budget proposal, the CPC’s Budget For All delivers a bolder, more coherent vision of what's broken in the economy, who broke it, and how to fix it. It both addresses our long-term fiscal outlook and invests in the building blocks needed for a stronger, more diverse middle class.  Finally, by including public financing of campaigns in their budget plan, the CPC asserts a bold truth: we can’t have an economy for all while we still have a democracy for the 1 percent.  Heather McGhee, Director – Demos, Washington Office

“The Budget for All will strengthen the middle-class by investing in programs that will put Americans back to work now -- repairing our infrastructure while laying the foundation to keep our country first.  It abolishes handouts for oil, gas and coal companies. The Budget for All will spur innovation in clean energy that will create thousands of more jobs in America’s fastest growing industry and get our economy back on track. We strongly support its vision for America.”  Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, CEO - Green For All


Alliance for a Just Society                            Americans for Democratic Action

Campaign for America’s Future                    Center for Social Inclusion

Citizens for Tax Justice (CTJ)                      Coalition for Human Needs

Color of Change                                            Demos

Economic Policy Institute (EPI)                    Fund for Constitutional Government

Green for All                                                  National People's Action

Progressive Democrats of America                United for a Fair Economy (UFE)

US Labor against the War                             Women's Action for New Directions


The CPC budget calls for no cuts to Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security benefits, a stark contrast to the House Republican cuts-only scheme that fails to balance the budget. The Budget for All invests in proven job creation initiatives and includes popular reforms such as public financing of Congressional and presidential elections, progressive taxation and a public health care option.

“As architects of America’s future, Republicans absolutely offer no progress, protection or prosperity.  The Republican budget is irresponsible and will decimate the American economy.  In contrast, the Budget For All puts Americans back to work, re-ignites the economy through historic investments and allows American business to dream big, innovate and win.  The Budget For All rejects the radical Republican notion that every indispensible social program must be gutted to pay for more tax cuts for the rich.  The Budget For All forges a fair tax code and protects and expands the social safety net.  Some frame this decisive moment for America as a choice between two futures.  I agree.  The Republican scheme offers the great majority of Americans no future at all.  The Budget For All protects and grows the future for all Americans.”  Congressman Mike Honda – CPC Budget Task Force Chair, author of The Budget For All

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