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Press release/statement

Civil Rights Group Demands Fairfax County End Collaboration With ICE

Improve Relationship with Immigrant Community

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA -- Fairfax County Coalition, a group of local civil rights and immigrant rights organizations, will demand that Fairfax County end its collaboration with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and protect hard-working immigrants and their families during a press conference Tuesday.

"The county has been reaping the benefits from the extensive contributions that immigrants make to the county while profiting off of their incarceration," said Gustavo Torres, CASA's Executive Director. "This behavior only leads to further alienate the immigrant community."

Members of the coalition will present an exhaustive analysis of discriminatory and problematic federal, state, and local laws and how they impact the immigrant community during the press conference as well as later that day during the Board of Supervisors meeting.

“We believe in inclusive democracy, and as our sanctuary research has shown, the county must come into compliance with constitutional protections for immigrants and their families," said Demos's Katherine Culliton-González.

WHAT: Press Conference Demanding Fairfax County Board Of Supervisors Protect Immigrants WHEN: 3:30 PM, Tuesday, October 24

WHERE: Fairfax County Government Center, 12000 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax, Virginia

WHO: Residents of Fairfax County Coalition, a coalition of diverse organizations that work with different communities of Fairfax County —including civil rights, grassroots and immigrant defense institutions.

The following organizations will be speaking at the press conference:
ACLU People Power
NAKASEC (National Korean American Service & Education Consortium) La ColectiVA
Herndon-Reston Indivisible Immigration Issues Committee
Sanctuary DMV

CASA is the largest member-based Latino and immigrant organization in the country. We are a national leader in building power and improving the quality of life in low-income and immigrant communities. Our vision is for a future in which diverse and thriving communities live free from discrimination and fear, and work together with mutual respect to achieve full human rights for all. Over its 30-year history CASA has established itself as a strong national leader in innovations for Latino and immigrant- focused services, and backbone organization for collective impact involving community-based, government and private partners.