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Press release/statement

Bob Herbert Joins Demos as Distinguished Senior Fellow

New York, NY – At its annual Transforming America Awards ceremony last night, the national policy center Demos announced that Bob Herbert, the award-winning former New York Times columnist, will join the organization as a Distinguished Senior Fellow. At Demos, Mr. Herbert will continue his work on behalf of low- and middle-income Americans, providing expertise and writing on economic, social and policy issues.

Herbert's Post at Demos' new blog

"Bob Herbert's sharp, clear voice has long played an extraordinary role in public debate. He elevates the stark challenges and historical injustices that face too many Americans, while promoting the ideals that should drive our policies," said Miles Rapoport, President of Demos and The American Prospect magazine. "Demos admires his passion and dedication, and we look forward to working together to advance our shared goals, among them expanding and strengthening our middle class and our democracy for generations to come."

At Demos, Mr. Herbert will continue working on a new book, "Wounded Colossus," while writing for Demos' new blog, Among other activities, he will also contribute to The American Prospect, a publishing partner of Demos.  (Read Mr. Herbert's first published piece since leaving the New York Times at PolicyShop:  Mr. Herbert has more than 40 years of reporting, broadcast and editorial experience.  Most recently, he was a New York Times columnist from 1993-2011, where he also authored "Promises Betrayed:  Waking Up from the American Dream" (Times Books, 2005).  Previously, he held positions with NBC, WCBS-TV, WNYC-TV, The Daily News, and The Star-Ledger in Newark, NJ.

Born in Brooklyn, Mr. Herbert earned a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism from the State University of New York (Empire State College). He has taught journalism at Brooklyn College and the Columbia University School of Journalism.  Among numerous awards, he has received the Meyer Berger Award for coverage of New York City, the American Society of Newspaper Editors award for distinguished newspaper writing, the David Nyhan Prize from the Shorenstein Center at Harvard University for excellence in political reporting, and the Ridenhour Courage Prize for the "fearless articulation of unpopular truths."

"Demos' commitment to advancing bold policy solutions to create a more just, equitable and inclusive America makes them a natural partner for my ongoing work," said Mr. Herbert. "Together, we will continue to sound the alarm on the growing economic and opportunity divide, and advocate for those with too little access to good jobs, retirement security, healthcare, and many other hallmarks of the American Dream."

Demos announced Mr. Herbert's fellowship while honoring him — along with Ron Bloom, Bob King, Maria Teresa Kumar, and Rosario Dawson — at the "Transforming America" awards on Tuesday night in New York City. 

Founded in 2000, Demos is a national research and policy center that focuses on creating economic opportunity, expanding democracy, and building support for government's role in creating the common good.  In 2010, Demos entered into a publishing partnership with The American Prospect magazine.