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Press release/statement

ADVISORY: NYC "Money-Out/Voters-In Day" Kicks off at NYU with Rally & "Corporate Wedding"

New York, NY — New York activists will rally for democracy under the banner “Money Out, Voters In” on Saturday, January 19, the weekend marking civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday and the anniversary of the damaging Citizen’s United Supreme Court decision. People in over 65 cities and 32 states are rallying to demand lawmakers pass measures that limit the corrosive influence of money in politics and expand democratic participation at the polls.  

WHAT: Rally, Teach-Ins, and “Corporate Personhood Wedding” by activists, voters, labor, faith community members, and everyday New Yorkers to call for three broad solutions: overturn Citizens United, enact Publicly-Financed Elections in NYS, and expand the vote. 

WHEN & WHERE: Saturday, January 19, 2013

12:30 PM Rally & Teach-Ins, 

NYU Kimmel Center, 60 Washington Square Park

4:00 PM “Corporate Personhood Wedding” by Occupy Wall Street

Federal Hall Steps, 26 Wall Street


Mark Green, former Public Advocate, author "Losing our Democracy"

Welcome, "Money Shouts!...Why MO/VI Day"

Rev. James A. Forbes Jr., Senior Minister Emeritus, The Riverside Church Keynote: Voting and the Legacy of Dr. King

Jeff Clements, President, Free Speech for People, author of "Corporations Are Not People"

Keynote: On Overturning "Citizens United"

Shirley Aldebol, vice president, SEIU 32 BJ

Money and Democracy in New York

Bill Samuels, founder, New Roosevelt Initiative

Fair Elections Law in NYS -- Big Money

Estella Vazquez, vice president, SEIU 1199

Stopping Suppression and Expanding Voting in New York

Susan Lerner, executive director, Common Cause/NY

Conclusions + Introduction to Teach-Ins

MUSIC: Deathrow Tull 

VISUALS: Theatric “Corporate Personhood Wedding” between a bride and a corporation, under the banner: “If corporations are people, can I marry a rich one and make huge political donations too?”

Read an explanation of “Money-Out/Voters-In” on this week’s

Join a National call about “Money-Out/Voters-In” and a NEW FEC report:

10:30 a.m. EST Thurs., Jan. 17; and 1:30 p.m. EST Thurs., Jan. 17

CALL-IN: (888) 734-2924

Conference ID: 90010593

SPONSORING ORGANIZATIONS (list in formation): 

  • Auburn Theological Seminary
  • Citizen Action/NY
  • Common Cause/NY
  • Demos
  • Judson Memorial Church/Occupy Faith
  • MoveOn
  • Move to Amend
  • Occupy Wall Street
  • New Roosevelt Initiative
  • Public Citizen
  • SEIU 1199
  • SEIU 32BJ
  • Teamsters Local 237
  • United Federation of Teachers

BACKGROUND: Protesters in New York are part of a nationwide movement called “Money Out/Voters In” that includes events taking place on and around the weekend of Jan. 19. Activists in over 65 towns and cities are rallying to demand lawmakers pass measures that limit the corrosive influence of money in politics and expand democratic participation at the polls.  

These actions come as the country is witnessing a groundswell of support for improving our democracy. So far, 11 states and more than 350 communities have formally called on Congress to pass a constitutional amendment to overturn U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision. In addition, more than 100 members of Congress have expressed support for an amendment, as has President Barack Obama.

For media arrangements or interviews, please contact Lauren Strayer, 212-389-1413, [email protected].