At this unique time in our nation's history, when we are faced with tremendous challenges on every front, experts and advocates for strengthening democracy came together to create new momentum and plans for the critical work that must be done. On August 2-4, 2009, they shared what they have been learning from their work across the country, and rolled up their sleeves to create collective recommendations and action steps. Their collective goal was to strengthen our democracy by engaging all citizens in the selection of their leaders, influencing laws and regulations, and taking public action.

The full conference report provides detailed recommendations for both the Administration and the democracy reform movement itself. The priorities are as follows:

  • Involve the American public in meaningful deliberations about important policy questions
  • Support and promote an electoral reform agenda
  • Improve federal public participation and collaboration
  • Explore lessons from the Open Government Dialogue
  • Recognize and support engagement carried out by traditionally disenfranchised communities
  • Create a report on the health of our democracy
  • Build skills and capacity for public engagement
  • Increase the availability of federal funding for democratic participation
  • Convene an international democracy conference
  • Create an ongoing mechanism for sustaining leadership