Opponents of regulation claim that more needs to be done to check the ability of federal agencies to issue regulations. They claim that agencies are too quick to issue regulations and that they do so without regard to the impact of regulations on our economy. Unfortunately, in many cases our current system is characterized by exactly the opposite problem: long delays before needed regulations are issued—often at substantial cost in lives and monetary costs to industry and the public.


  • Worker Safety Protections, Cranes and Derricks: 22 preventable deaths
  • Protecting Consumers from Contaminated Food, Salmonella in Eggs: 2,000 people sickened that could have been prevented
  • Protecting Americans from Dangerous Air Pollution: 26,000 preventable deaths
  • Protecting Consumers from Contaminated Food, Fresh Produce: 100 preventable deaths
  • Workers Safety Protections, Safe Patient Handling: 19,000 preventable injuries
  • Worker Safety Protections, Silica: 60 preventable deaths

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