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Our Story: A Populist Meta-Narrative for This Moment

The Our Story project is a collaborative effort of over 40 progressive movement organizations to express a shared story, vision, and values of the change we aim to make in the world.

The project is over a year in the making and has been sculpted by many of the best narrative thinkers and top progressive leaders in the field. Together we have created a populist meta-narrative for this moment that both undermine the right-wing narrative and can be adapted to tell an issue-specific story that links to a wider collective vision.


This project would not be possible without the leadership of Move On, Color Of Change, NDWA, People’s Action and Demos for creating and steering the Fight Back Table or the work of Center for Story-Based Strategy, Opportunity Agenda, Marshall Ganz, and so many others whose work and craft in story, messaging and communications deeply informed this work. I’d especially like to recognize Ian Haney Lopez, Anat Shenker-Osorio, Lake Research, Anika Fassia, SEIU and Demos whose work on the Race + Class Narrative was instrumental in establishing a foundation for this work.

— Our Story Strategist, Nicole Carty

Our Story presentation cover slide with smiling, diverse group

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