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Case Studies in Economic Democracy

This four-part case study series shows what building economic power and liberation for Black and brown people looks like in practice. We highlight the actions and testimonies of movement organizers, community members, and power-building organizations across the country.

The Economic Democracy Project

Image of Black woman walking away from the Capitol and Amazon sign, toward clasped, uplifted hands

The Economic Democracy Project aims to highlight and develop strategies that Black and brown communities can use to build economic and political power. It has 3 priorities that show up across this case study series:

  1. Break up and regulate new corporate power, including Amazon, Google, and Facebook.
  2. Expand the meaning of public goods and ensure that services are equitably and publicly administered.
  3. Strengthen “co-governance” strategies so that people and public agencies can collectively make decisions about the economy.

Learn more about Demos' Economic Democracy Project and its goals.

Banking in New York City
Co-governance in Texas
This study follows the Texas Organizing Project as it worked to build power and equity for working-class Black & Latino communities in greater Houston after Hurricane Harvey.
Pittsburgh's Water
This case study examines how community leaders forced the city of Pittsburgh to provide safe, accessible, and affordable water—and developed an accountability model in the process, by which everyday people can oversee the public water utility. 
Forthcoming Case Studies

Standing Tall Against Corporate Power: For Us, Not Amazon

Amazon Prime Delivery Van  withDoor Open on City Street
This case study will follow the coalition For Us Not Amazon (FUNA) and members of the Athena Coalition as they organized to prevent one of the biggest corporations in the world from taking over the civic, social, and political life of Northern Virginia and beyond.
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