Trump’s New Plan To Uncover Voter Fraud Is Just As Alarming As His Old Plan

January 4, 2018 | | The Huffington Post |

“The use of the immigration databases are inaccurate, discriminatory and inappropriate for voter list maintenance. We know that it results in inaccurate purging of eligible voters,” said Katherine Culliton-González, a lawyer at think tank Demos who represented plaintiffs challenging Florida’s method of striking people from the rolls.

Furthermore, Culliton-González noted that ICE has “jurisdiction to deport people if there are allegations brought about someone who is not a citizen voting. That’s very, very intimidating and that’s why I’m so concerned about these false allegations.” [...]

Kobach told Politico that it made sense for Homeland Security to take over the probe because the department recently designated elections as “critical infrastructure.” But Culliton-González said that move gave Homeland Security jurisdiction over things like cybersecurity and voting machines, not individual voter fraud.