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Young Adults Face More Hurdles Than Boomers Did

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Facing diminished job opportunities and heavy student-loan debt, today's 20-somethings may be more downwardly mobile than their parents.

That's the grim news from a new study, "The Economic State of Young America," released Wednesday by a progressive think tank called Demos, and a youth-advocacy organization known as the Young Invincibles.
In the coming months, the Young Invincibles will initiate a national social media campaign that will allow young people to share their solutions to the economic crisis with their social networks.
Next spring, the group will host a Youth Jobs Bus Tour across America, with events on campuses, "bringing the voices of young adults to our political leaders," according to the report.
The campaign will, according to the Demos report, "push our political leaders and the media to address the barriers to opportunity facing young people in this country.