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Workers at Fast Food Eateries in 150 Cities Will Participate in What is Expected to be the Largest Ever Strike Against the Industry

New York Daily News

On this Mother’s Day congratulations to Arisleyda Tapia, the hardworking mom of 5-year-old Ashley, are in order. And not only because this Dominican immigrant is the mother of a beautiful little girl, but because she has courageously joined the fight for justice for herself, and hundreds of thousands of other endlessly exploited fast food workers.

Congratulations are in order because Tapia, an employee at a Washington Heights McDonald’s who after seven years is still making the $8 minimum wage and getting fewer than 30 hours of work a week, is not taking the abuse anymore. Along with fast food workers across the nation she has declared war on the boundless greed of her employers.

“I cannot support my family on $10,000 a year, nobody can,” Tapia, 40, said. “I have been involved in every protest from the beginning and I am glad. Things are improving already and, thanks to our struggle, they will continue to do so.”