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We Don't Need to Improve Democracy—We Need to Make It Work for the First Time

K. Sabeel Rahman

Demos President K. Sabeel Rahman delivers the keynote address for the California Law Review’s 2020 Symposium: Democracy Reform for the 21st Century.

On September 10, 2020, before the California Law Review’s audience of scholars, legal practitioners, public servants, community leaders, and political experts, Demos President K. Sabeel Rahman launched his keynote with a question: "What does it look like to be fighting for democracy reform in a polity that has arguably ceased to function or maybe never functioned as a democracy, really?"  He argues the answer to that question points the way to truly transformative change.

Watch his keynote for his answer to that question and more, including: the constitutional and historical arc of American democracy reform, the long-term structural fights we need, and the immediate policy landscape.