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"We Are One" Rallies Across America

Miles Rapoport
The Huffington Post

NEW YORK--Tonight I will be in City Hall Plaza in New York as part of the nationwide series of "We Are One" demonstrations sponsored by a broad coalition of organizations. Participants will be there to stand up on behalf of the workers in Wisconsin, collective bargaining, and on behalf of a country that cares about its entire people.

One month ago, I wrote an post in these pages entitled "From Washington to Wisconsin, an Assault on a Decent Society." In it, I highlighted the attacks being made on the fundamental notion of a real social contract in this country, including the attempts by Republicans in Congress to slash tens of billions of dollars from our public structures and services, and the assault on public workers in Wisconsin. I said then, and believe now, that a broad set of responses--on values, on policy issues, in the media, and in the mobilization of opposition--needed to be mounted.