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Voting Rights 2016: Native Americans Struggle To Overcome Barriers Ahead Of Arizona Elections

International Business Times

Just this month, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed legislation that makes it a felony to collect other people's ballots  and bring them to polls. The law is not yet in effect, but it will be soon, and the punishment could be a year in prison and a potential fine of $150,000. Family members, those living in the same household and certain caregivers are exempted, but Ferguson-Bohnee said this law has the potential to disenfranchise many American Indians who live in remote areas of reservations and cannot make it to polling places.

Turnout among American Indians and Alaskan Natives was 47.5 percent in 2008, the lowest of any racial or ethnic demographic, according to a report by Demos, a liberal think tank in New York. That report also found that two of every five eligible American Indians were not registered to vote.