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Voters to Congress: Find ways to lower our student debt

Market Watch

The poll results indicate that politics may soon catch up to the reality borrowers are facing, said Mark Huelsman, the associate director of policy and research at Demos, a left-leaning think tank.

“It’s a sign of the increasing anxiety that voters and families are feeling about their own debt or their children going into to debt or them going into debt for their children,” he said.

As the 2020 campaign for president (and other offices) heats up, addressing student debt may provide an opportunity for both Democrats and Republicans to lure voters who may feel more of a sense of urgency surrounding their student loan bill than addressing college costs for their future children, Huelsman added. [...]

“Addressing student debt is probably more analogous to addressing housing affordability or addressing health care or addressing anything that is impacting a family’s bottom line,” Huelsman said.