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The UK election proved what the American left has been saying for years


"One thing driving Labour’s over performance was youth turnouts," Sean McElwee, a policy analyst who studies voter attitudes and behavior at the progressive think tank Demos, said in an interview.

McElwee thinks that Labour’s success could be a model for progressives in the United States provided they learn some key lessons about how to enlist and galvanize voters.

"[In 2016] Clinton had a fine policy platform, but the difference is the messaging," McElwee said. "The future of Democrats is an aggressive, progressive policy platform combined with populist messaging."

But McElwee points out that just capturing the youth’s imagination isn’t enough — you have to get them registered to vote. An essential key to Labour’s victory was that voter registration increased by 20% over the 2015 elections, delivering an enormous student vote for the Labour Party.

"When you reduce the barrier to registration, you’re going to increase turnout," he said. If every registered voter under 30 in the U.S. voted, their turnout would still be lower than that for voters over 65. We solve that with pre-registration. When you go to the DMV, you should have the opportunity to register there so you’re on the rolls at 18." [...]