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Trump’s New Plan To Uncover Voter Fraud Is Just As Alarming As His Old Plan

Sam Levine
The Huffington Post

“The use of the immigration databases are inaccurate, discriminatory and inappropriate for voter list maintenance. We know that it results in inaccurate purging of eligible voters,” said Katherine Culliton-González, a lawyer at think tank Demos who represented plaintiffs challenging Florida’s method of striking people from the rolls.

Furthermore, Culliton-González noted that ICE has “jurisdiction to deport people if there are allegations brought about someone who is not a citizen voting. That’s very, very intimidating and that’s why I’m so concerned about these false allegations.” [...]

Kobach told Politico that it made sense for Homeland Security to take over the probe because the department recently designated elections as “critical infrastructure.” But Culliton-González said that move gave Homeland Security jurisdiction over things like cybersecurity and voting machines, not individual voter fraud.