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Top Democrats To Headline March For Release Of Trump’s Tax Returns

Daniel Marans
The Huffington Post

“The Tax March,” as the progressive groups organizing it have dubbed it, will begin with a rally and speeches at the U.S. Capitol, followed by a parade that passes the Trump International Hotel, as well as the FBI and IRS buildings. Over 100 smaller marches are due to take place in cities across the country. [...]

A broad of array of liberal groups and labor unions are convening for the Tax March, including, Public Citizen, Demos, Credo, the Working Families Party, the National Women’s Law Center and the American Federation of Teachers. 

They also plan to address what they believe are the inequities of the current tax system.

“Donald Trump and his billionaire Cabinet are proposing even bigger tax cuts for the wealthy when what we need is a fairer system that allows our nation to meet the needs of its people,” Demos president Heather McGhee said in a statement. [...]

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