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There’s no such thing as a blue or red state. Let’s talk about real life instead

The Guardian
The division that threatens to split this country in two is not between red and blue states, or between rural and urban areas – it is between the way we discuss politics and the realities of American lives, none of which fit into tidy categories. Contrary to popular narratives, you can be a progressive populist, a wealthy and college-educated Trump supporter, a rural laborer of color, a provincial urbanite, an open-minded midwesterner. [...]

In a recent episode of the podcast On Being, host Krista Tippett moderated a conversation between millennial progressive leader Heather McGhee and libertarian Tea Party organizer Matt Kibbe. Tippett asked the two, so opposed to one another in their politics, what good they saw in the other’s position and what troubled them about their own. 

Kibbe admired progressivism’s defense of community and care for all its members and admitted that a hyper-focus on personal liberty can appear uncaring about our most disadvantaged citizens. McGhee appreciated the libertarian movement’s activism against the mass incarceration state and lamented class-based disconnects within the Democratic party.