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Progressives Actually Like Democrats’ New Message

Daniel Marans
The Huffington Post

Prominent liberals, who have been nudging the party in this direction for years, mostly welcomed the rebranding effort.

“This is a very refreshing message ― it doesn’t sound like poll-tested messaging. It sounds authentic and passionate and bold,” said Tamara Draut, vice president for policy and research at Demos, a progressive think tank and advocacy group.

“Absolutely, we need to help people get the skills they need,” said Draut. “But it is not the first thing we need to do and it is definitely not the first thing people want to hear. Even people with the right skills are having a hard time getting ahead.”

“You have seen a shift away from the centrist politics and policies of the Democratic Party toward bold ideas that meet the challenges facing working people today,” Draut said. “It is a progression under way for some time now that has solidified.”