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Overhaul Time for U.S. Nuclear Overseers

New York Times Dot Earth

In an e-mail exchange following my visit to the neighborhood nuclear reactors, at Indian Point, Richard Brodsky, a longtime politician from the lower Hudson Valley who is now teaching at New York University, described his concerns about the agency, in relation to efforts by Entergy Corporation to relicense this plant.

He cited a long list of questions about safety and security (i'll be doing more on those questions down the line), then added:

The N.R.C. has resolutely refused to engage in these questions, over time and in the abortive relicensing process. That's the heart of any reasoned inquiry here, the N.R.C.'s failure to credibly regulate the industry and Indian Point particularly. The N.R.C. is to Indian Point today what the [Securities and Exchange Commission] was to Wall Street three years ago.

It's overhaul time.