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Older Americans Carrying More Debt than Younger Generation

Middle-income Americans age 50 and older are now carrying more credit card debt on average than younger people, according to a 2012 study released by Demos. This is a reversal of the findings from the Demos survey which took place in 2008.

The report, entitled 2012 National Survey on Credit Card Debt of Low- and Middle-Income Households, shows that middle income households aged 50 and above are looking at the prospect of carrying high credit card debt as they near retirement years.

The study shows older Americans have been disproportionately hurt by the economic downturn, with many resorting to credit cards to make ends meet as gasoline prices rise and housing values decline. Older households carried an average credit card balance of $8,278 in 2012 compared to the $6,258 average for households under age 50.