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Ohio Election Chief Sued Over Voter Purges


Wednesday’s lawsuit was filed on behalf of two non-profit organizations, including the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless. Brian Davis, the director of that organization, said in a statement that homeless voters are illegally shut out of the democratic process because of Ohio’s recent purges.

The plaintiffs are asking the court to block Ohio from conducting purges in the future, and for the restoration of the illegally purged voters to the rolls.

“This unlawful practice must stop, and it must stop now,” Stuart Naifeh, senior counsel at Demos, said in a statement. “Without immediate court intervention, many Ohio voters will find themselves denied this fundamental right when they go to the polls in November.”

Ohio is often considered one of the most important battleground states in the country, and the make-up of its electorate could play an oversized role in determining the next president.