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Now the Supreme Court Will Decide Whether or Not to Destroy Public Employee Unions

Charles P. Pierce

(And, make no mistake, the public-sector unions are only the thin edge of the wedge seeking to bust this country into being a right-to-work nation. This is the exact game plan followed in Wisconsin by Scott Walker, who strategically went after public-sector unions first before signing a right-to-work law that he swore while campaigning that he wasn't even considering. He even explained this plan at length during his first campaign.)

The great Liz Kennedy over at Demos brings the 411 on this stealth attack on collective bargaining.

The true force behind the case is the Center for Individual Rights, a group that has driven it on a frenzied course through the legal system since filing suit in the district court in April 2013. The group, funded by the Koch brothers and others determined to continue manipulating the rules of our economy—and our democracy—fast-tracked the case through the district and 9th circuit courts to bring it to Chief Justice Roberts' Supreme Court, which will hear oral arguments on Monday.

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