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Nine Ways the Economy is Affecting Young Latinos

The Huffington Post
You don't have to have an MBA from Harvard or Wharton to know that the economy is hurting and has been for a while. The terrible effects of the Great Recession, unemployment, benefit cuts, home foreclosures, and more, have been widespread. According to a recent report produced by Dēmos and Young Invincibles entitled "The State of Young America," Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 are suffering disproportionately compared to the rest of the population, and among young Americans, Latinos and African Americans suffer worse still.
Some key facts about Latino economic hardship from the report:
  • 78 percent of young Latinos believe that it has become harder or much harder to make ends meet since the financial crisis began four years ago, as compared to 69 percent of non-Latino whites and 66 percent of African Americans
  • When asked whether workers were currently within their chosen field, 53 percent of Latinos said they were waiting for something better, compared to 66 percent of African Americans and 40 percent of non-Latino whites.