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New Study Shows Black and Latino Retail Workers Are Paid Less Than White Employees

A new study shows that black and Latino retail workers not only earn less than their white counterparts, but they're also less likely to be promoted or given full-time roles, the Associated Press reports.
The study, conducted by the NAACP and public policy organization Demos, found that in major positions held by retail workers — cashiers, salespeople, and first-line managers — black employees are paid the least, followed by Latinos.
On average, black cashiers are paid $9.17 per hour, with salespeople averaging about $11.54 and first-line managers getting $17.31. Latinos and Asians are paid better, but not by much. Hispanic and Asian cashiers make $9.23 and $10.58, respectively, and Latino and Asian salespeople average $11.71 and $13.73, respectively. Latinos fall behind black supervisors in pay, making only $15.38 an hour.
These numbers fall below those of their non-Hispanic white colleagues, who make $10.06 at the register, $15.32 on the sales floor, and $17.43 as supervisors. Only Asian managers — who, on average, earn $18.12 an hour — earn more than white supervisors.