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Nearly 80 Percent Of Successful 2012 Candidates Were Publicly Financed, Report Finds

More than 77 percent of successful candidates in 2012 and all current statewide office holders were publicly financed, a report released Monday found.

Fresh Start: The Impact Of Public Campaign Financing In Connecticut,  was authored by Miles Rapoport, president of left-leaning policy center Demos and former Secretary of the State. In addition to the report, Rapoport and current Secretary of the State Denise Merrill wrote a letter to New York lawmakers, urging them to adopt a public financing system in their state.

Connecticut’s voluntary public financing system was launched in 2008 as part of the state’s 2005 legislative response to the corruption scandal of former Gov. John Rowland. Named the “Connecticut Citizens’ Election Program,” the program offers grant money to candidates who raise a certain amount of money through small donations.

The report touted the state’s public financing program after finding that it reduces special interest influence, allows more people to run for office, and results in a more diverse group of candidates elected.