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Moreland Commission Controversy Raises Questions on Role of Attorney General


The fall out continues over whether Governor Cuomo's top aid interfered with an ethics commission probe, with some now saying that the state's Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, could have done more to protect the integrity of the investigations, and whether any actual crimes were committed.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s opponent in the fall elections is one of those raising questions about whether the Attorney General, who was key to the formation of the ethics commission, could have been more involved and done something to stop alleged interference in probes by Governor Cuomo’s aides.
A lengthy New York Times story details the involvement of Cuomo’s top aid, Larry Schwartz, in convincing the Moreland Act commissioners to rescind subpoenas of businesses and groups that might have had political dealings with Cuomo and could potentially cause embarrassment.
Attorney General Schneiderman, deputized the commissioners and made them assistant attorneys general. That gave them the power to issue subpoenas to investigate the campaign finances of the legislature. Schneiderman also named one of the three co commissioners, as well as several others.