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Missouri At Risk for Voter Bullying This Year

The Staff

Missouri is at a higher risk for bullying this year but it's not at school. Missouri has made a list of ten states at risk for voter bullying this election year. Missouri made the list because it is expected to have some highly contested races.

Study author Liz Kennedy says the state has mixed voter protections. "Missouri came quite close to taking some really important steps to protect voters from inappropriate voter caging and voter challenge operations with legislation introduced in 2009 and 2010 to address these issues," says Kennedy.

International voting observer Steve Glorioso says Missouri also has another problem. "We do not allow early voting and I think that is wrong if we're going to continue have our elections on a work day, on a Tuesday. We really do need to allow people to vote early," says Glorioso.

Missouri is susceptible to hovering, video-taping voters, blocking lines or challenging voters' right to participate.