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Liberals hope their Tax Day anti-Trump protest will overwhelm the nation


Twenty-seven progressive groups said in a Thursday news release provided to McClatchy that they would join a planned Tax Day protest of President Donald Trump, as liberal activists prepare for what might be the biggest demonstration against the White House occupant since the Women’s March on Washington in January.

“Our current tax system plays a central role in putting more and more wealth and power in the hands of Wall Street and billionaires, while starving our nation’s ability to invest in our people and our future,” said Heather McGhee, president of Demos, one of the liberal groups joining the protest.

“Now Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress are trying to make matters worse with even bigger tax cuts in favor of the wealthiest Americans,” McGhee said. “We demand that our leaders build a tax system that ensures that corporations and the wealthy finally pay their fair share and that generates the revenues necessary for our nation to thrive by investing in our shared public structures and in our people.” [...]