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How Trump’s DOJ Will Try to Purge Voter Rolls

Leon Neyfakh

Brenda Wright, a lawyer at the left-leaning advocacy organization Demos, emphasizes that progressives want voter rolls to be accurate. What her group opposes, she said, are purging practices that are known to sweep up eligible voters. She points to the example of Ohio, where people are flagged for possible removal from the voter rolls simply because they haven’t voted during a two-year period. Demos is currently locked in litigation with Ohio over the state’s approach to purging; the case is set to go before the Supreme Court next year.

“It’s important to understand the choice isn’t between no list maintenance and totally indiscriminate voter purges,” Wright said. “The choice is between the surgical, reasonable, accurate process that the NVRA contemplates … and what certain states do that goes too far.” [...]

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