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How thousands of voters in swing state Arizona could be walking into a trap on Election Day


“It’s political stubbornness,” said Stuart C. Naifeh, senior counsel for Demos, a national voting rights law group that is working with the League of Women Voters of Arizona, Mi Familia Vota Education Fund, Promise Arizona, the American Civil Liberties Union and others on this lawsuit and related NVRA issues. “And in any case, we were not asking them to import the [MVD updated] addresses, we were asking them to do essentially exactly what they were going to do under ERIC [Electronic Registration Information Center] — send people a notice telling them their registration appears to be out of date. And yes, the impact on voters could be profound. They don’t seem to see the irony in their sending multiple pieces of mail that won’t be delivered [mail-in ballots to past addresses of people who have moved] while complaining that they can’t afford to send one that will straighten out the problem.” [...]

“The federal court got the law wrong on the NVRA,” said Demos senior counsel Stuart Naifeh. “But with the election so close, our clients are focusing on trying to help clean up the mess themselves and make sure as many voters as possible are aware of the problem and can fix it in time, rather than trying to get an appellate decision reversing the district court, when that decision would likely come too late to make much of a difference.”