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Here’s Why The Day Of Racial Healing Is An On-Going Commitment

Rodney McKenzie, Jr.

But it’s not only conversations that we need to have, it is the actions we need to take. A day of Racial Healing can’t be devoid of an analysis of who has power and how that power and privilege have allowed for our stories our pain and our suffering to have gone unheard the other 364 days. We must be bold enough to tell the truth. [...]

The Day of Racial Healing is an on-going commitment. What do we plan to do for the next hundred days that follow today that will help to heal the racial divide? Are we honoring our racial differences in a dignified way that inspires curiosity, that inspires us to see how our stories connect us? We must find ways to meaningfully engage with each other, to open our homes to each other and to have the hard conversations. Our neighborhoods, places of worship, our workplaces and community spaces must be re-created to strengthen connections, and foster a desire to end bigotry and violence.

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