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Fast-food Companies Have Huge Gap in Pay

CBS MoneyWatch

One of the issues that helped fuel last week's national fast-food workers strikes is the growing income disparity between rank-and-file workers and the chief executives in charge of those multi-billion-dollar companies.

As of 2012, the CEOs of fast-food chains earned an average of more than 1,200 times what the average fast-food worker made, according to Demos. The liberal-leaning think tank also noted that corporate leaders in the sector are among the highest-paid workers in America, with those chief executive officers earning, on average, $28.3 million last year.

That generous compensation comes at a time that some major fast-food chains are struggling, as consumer tastes change and people focus on eating more healthfully. Meanwhile, fast-food restaurant employees were on the bottom rung of the national economy when it came to pay.