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Fast Food CEO Pay Report Highlights Disparity Between Common Worker's Earnings

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The news has not been kind to the fast food industry over the past few years. From labor strikes to claims of wage theft, companies like McDonald's and Burger King have taken increasing criticism for treatment of workers and their low wage jobs. Now a new report from New York-based think tank Demos has added fuel to the fire.

The study charts inequality between executive and worker pay across multiple industries, and finds that fast food overwhelmingly leads the nation. According to the Demos study the average pay ratio between CEO's and employees working in "accommodation and food services" is 332-to-1, about 44% higher than retail, the next most unequal industry.

Most of this disparity comes from the fast food industry, where in 2012 CEO's made 1,200 times as much as the average worker.

Read the report: Fast Food Failure: How CEO-to-Worker Pay Disparity Undermines the Industry and the Overall Economy