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Election Cross-Endorsement Serves Voters

Miles Rapoport
Hartford Courant

In the past few years, there has been a disturbing push in a number of states toward limiting the right to vote and raising barriers to participation in democracy. Not in Connecticut. When it comes to ensuring an inclusive and fair democracy that guarantees every voice is heard, our state has been a real leader and taken important steps forward.

The landmark Citizens Election Program passed in 2006 has become a national model for reformers seeking to make elections less captive to large-scale fundraising. Connecticut's adoption of Election Day registration and online voter registration are excellent steps forward, and adopting early voting would be another major advance.

But a bill before the General Assembly that would ban the practice of electoral cross-endorsement in Connecticut would be a serious step backward, and would tarnish our reputation as a leading protector of voting rights and voter choices. The legislature should reject this proposal.