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Editorial: Mr. Trump, Be a Good Jobs Defender

NBC News

[...]As the next CEO of America, Mr. Trump can turn his promise into policy. In his first 100 days in the Oval Office, Mr. Trump should sign an executive order to make sure that the $1.3 trillion in taxpayer-dollars our Government spends annually rewards corporations that create "more jobs and better wages" for Americans.

Tragically, the U.S. Government is America's leading low-wage job creator, funding more than 2 million poverty jobs in the private sector through contracts, loans, and grants. This is more than the number of low-wage workers at Walmart and McDonald's combined. These workers barely make enough to afford essentials like food, health care, utilities, and rent, while many of these companies are providing their executives with exorbitant compensation.

Equally outrageous, a new [Demos] study shows that federal contractors steal as much as $2.5 billion from contract workers annually by paying Americans less than the minimum wage, forcing them to work off the clock, and by misclassifying workers as "independent contractors."[...]