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Civil Rights Groups Sue Missouri, Saying It’s Failing To Automatically Update Voter Records

Sam Levine
The Huffington Post

The 1993 law requires states to offer people the opportunity to register to vote when they interact with the motor vehicle agency and other state agencies. If someone wants to register to vote at the motor vehicle agency, the information provided on a driver’s license can also be used as a voter registration application for federal elections. The law also says states should update someone’s voter registration if they change their address at the motor vehicle agency, unless the person explicitly says not to.

But lawyers for the ACLU of Missouri, Demos and The Advancement Project say Missouri doesn’t comply with those requirements in several ways. [...]

Demos and The Advancement Project sent letters to Ashcroft and Walters last year, in which lawyers for the groups said the men were violating NVRA and offered to work together on a remedy.