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Cable news outperforms expectations in covering #MeToo, Trump's vulgar comment

Baltimore Sun

Co-host Mika Brzezinski led the discussion joined by two guests, Bari Weiss, a staff writer and editor for the Opinion section of The New York Times, and Heather McGhee, president of Demos, a progressive think tank in New York. [...]

But it got better yet when Brzezinski brought McGhee into the conversation.

“So, I think the #MeToo movement still has a lot more work to do,” she said, pointing the discussion back to the workplace and power. “Workplaces are still phenomenally unequal. Pay disparity is still incredibly real, particularly outside the industries that get all the spotlight … And it is so important we keep our eye on the ball.”

Then she went back to the piece by Weiss and took it a couple of cuts deeper, saying, “I also think as a millennial woman, that our sex culture … has been broken. And I think, frankly, it’s been broken by some of the same forces that have broken our larger economy. The commodification of people. The fact that you can swipe left or right over faces [on a screen] as if they were just products.”

That’s a statement that will get you to stop eating your Wheaties and head for the Internet to find out more about McGhee — as well as the articles at Babe and the Times.