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Beyond Resistance: How Democrats Can Win Back Working Families

The American Prospect

The throngs of protesters who attended the Women’s March on Washington, and who continue to demonstrate at airports, town halls, and on city streets around the country, have made clear that opposition to Donald Trump’s radical Republican agenda will be sustained and powerful. But to earn the trust of the majority of Americans who reject Trumpism, Democrats will have to go beyond simple resistance. They’ll have to show that if voters restore them to power, they’ll actually improve the lives of working families. [...]

[...] At a time when so many Americans are struggling to make ends meet, Democrats must aggressively brainstorm and promote the solutions that working families are begging for. Paid family leave should be central to this platform, as should minimum-wage increases, like the $15 minimum wage law that has drawn wide praise in the District. These are vital tools to reduce the economic inequality and racial health disparities that are all too prevalent in major American cities—and they go hand in hand. [...]