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Attorney general says Indian Point lax on fire safety, asks feds to act

The state attorney general wants federal regulators to take enforcement action against the Indian Point nuclear plant for what he called the company's failure to comply with fire safety requirements.

"In the wake of Japan's crisis, our country's nuclear facilities should be bolstering their safety measures, yet Indian Point is looking to weaken its precautionary measures," Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said Monday.

"It is absolutely essential for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to compel the facility to comply with all fire safety measures."

Schneiderman filed a lawsuit last month to force the NRC to study the impact of storing spent nuclear fuel on site; he said Monday's petition was filed to promote transparent reviews of the nuclear plant prior to a decision on extending its operating license through 2035.

NRC officials say Indian Point continues to be safely operated.

Ex-Assemblyman Richard Brodsky unsuccessfully pushed a case similar to Schneiderman's in 2009.