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Are You Better Off Than Mom and Dad?

CNN Money

Are young people better off than their parents? At least when it comes to income, the answer depends on gender.

The study, compiled by the non-profit Young Invincibles and the think tank, Demos, looked at wage data for 25- to 34-year-olds in 2010 and compared it to the wages of that same age group in 1980.
What they found is not that startling, given social and economic trends over the last three decades: Young women are faring slightly better than their mothers did at the beginning of their careers, mainly because of advances for women in the workplace.
Meanwhile, young men have fewer opportunities overall, due to the decline of manufacturing, construction and other male-dominated industries.
Today's young women make $1.17 for every $1 their moms earned back in 1980. Young men, however, are earning 10 cents per dollar less than their fathers did 30 years ago, new research shows.