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On Appeals Court, Kavanaugh Helped To Loosen Political Money Laws


Kavanaugh has been on the U.S. Circuit Court for the District of Columbia, a frequent destination for cases involving the Federal Election Commission. His decisions have effectively pulled the campaign finance system rightward, letting in more money with less regulation. He's been roughly in sync with Anthony Kennedy, the justice he once clerked for and now might succeed.

That record has drawn relatively little attention in the fight over confirming Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court. It's a mistake on the part of liberals, said Chiraag Bains, director of legal strategies for the progressive advocacy group Demos.

"I think his record on money and politics should be right up there alongside the likelihood that he'll overturn Roe or strike down the ACA," Bains said, referring to the Affordable Care Act, the Obama health-care law that President Trump and congressional Republicans have tried to repeal. [...]