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Answer This: Bob Herbert

Bob Herbert

Herbert may be less stressed these days, but he's back in the hot seat in the latest installment of POLITICO's "Answer This"

Tell us your favorite joke.

From Steven Wright: I got a new shadow. I had to get rid of the other one. … It wasn’t doing what I was doing.

When’s the last time you used profanity?

A little while ago. It’s a terrible term that my buddies and I used with pathological frequency in high school, and I haven’t broken the habit yet.

How many hours of sleep do you get (on average)?

Six. I wish I could get by with less. Sleep is so boring.

Describe your level of ambition.

“Ambition” is an odd word for someone who has been as fortunate as I’ve been, both personally (anyone who has ever met my wife would agree) and professionally. I do have one major goal, however: to write a serious play that incorporates as a major theme Faulkner’s famous dictum that the past is not dead; it’s not even past.