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Americans Under 35: Going Broke Trying to Become Middle Class?

It’s a look at our nation’s future through the eyes of the folks who have to make it work for the next 50 years — Americans under the age of 35. They’re everywhere across the spectrum, whether it’s stuck in traffic on the way to their job, waiting in the unemployment line, protesting at the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, or fighting our longest wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Facing fewer job opportunities and high student loan debt, many 20-somethings now expect that they will do worse in their lifetimes for themselves than their parents generation.
This is the news from a new study, “The Economic State of Young America,” out yesterday from Demos, a progressive think tank, and Young Invincibles, a non-profit that seeks to advocate for Americans ages 18 to 34.
“The Great Recession has intensified the impact of 30 years of negative economic trends across young Americans’ lives,” the Demos report says. “Almost all young people make less than the previous generation at the same age.”